God is Angry: Why His Wrath Matters (Ep. 161)

April 1, 2024

Christians recognize that Christ took the wrath of God upon Himself on the cross. But Christ’s suffering and death did not do away with God’s wrath toward the unrighteous. And God still pours out his wrath on the earth to deal with man’s sin when He so chooses. One of the titles of God that many Christians have forgotten is the Lord of Hosts, which literally means the Lord of Armies. The idea is that God is the one who rules over the world and so when nations go to war against one another, it is God who is sending judgment upon them. But in the United States at least, where we’ve lived for almost 200 years without having a war within our borders, much of the church has forgotten the great reality of God’s wrath.

In this episode, we want to discuss the reality of God’s wrath, how it is poured out on the earth, and what it looks like when He does so. We want to discuss not only how an understanding of God’s wrath can exist with an optimistic eschatology, but also how necessary it is for a proper view of the seriousness of sin and of God’s holiness. We also want to stress that while God is slow to anger, and is longsuffering, his patience is not without limits. Paul tells us in Romans 9, that one of the reasons that God created the world is to show his wrath and power. It is dangerous when the people of God forget basic things about their Lord. God’s wrath is not something that Christians can afford to forget. Please join us as we discuss this very important topic.

Listen to the audio version here: https://theconqueringtruth.com/2024/04/god-is-angry-why-his-wrath-matters-ep-161-audio/

00:00:00 Hell
00:11:57 Spanking
00:19:52 Wrath and Love
00:22:37 The Fall
00:26:24 Judgment on Israel
00:36:18 Judging Children
00:42:53 Captives of Judah
00:57:15 Jesus’ Wrath
01:03:55 Wrath Against Christians

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