Jordan Peterson, a psychologist by training and practice, has lectured about the significant influence of the Bible on Western culture since at least 2015, but in the past few years, his incorporation of a positive view of the Bible and Christianity into his brand and messaging has earned him a great deal of attention from Christians, to the point where he is viewed by some as a Christian and by others as drawing closer and closer to Christ. It’s important to note that Peterson is also appreciated for the fact that much of what he says actually makes sense and he is able to address what many see as the confounding social issues of our day with some degree of success. But Jordan Peterson is not a Christian. He has not professed faith in Jesus Christ as his savior, and in those Christian concepts, such as Hell and redemption, that he says he believes in, he is clear that his view of them is in purely carnal/physical terms.

So, why is Jordan Peterson so appealing? How should the church think about his Christless Christianity? And why is the church of Jesus Christ not more effective at explaining to the world how to deal with the problems created by sin? There is much for the church to consider here. Please join us as we discuss this important topic.

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