Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the topic of when you can disobey the government’s orders has been a controversial subject of discussion. It’s a complex subject because as Christians, we both desire and are commanded to obey God, and as sinners, we desire to disobey the authorities that God has placed over us. In this episode, we walk through different scenarios and situations and discuss the different ways they might play out:

1. Disobeying a command that would require you to break God’s law
2. Disobeying a command that usurps the authority of the church
3. Disobeying a command that usurps the authority of the family
4. Disobeying a command that is tyrannical in that violates a superior earthly authority, law or constitution
5. Disobeying a command that although not inherently sinful or usurping another specific jurisdiction, is tyrannical in violating your liberty
6. Disobeying a command just because you believe it is unwise
7. Disobeying in order to make a political point of scene

Some of them are based on our real experiences over the past two years navigating government restrictions on meeting and the government’s attempts at regulating specific aspects of worship, while others are based on historical examples. As always, our goal is to go to scripture and to focus on how God has ordered the world. Please join us as we discuss this issue.

Production of Reformation Baptist Church of Youngsville, NC
Hosts – Dan Horn, Jonathan Sides, Charles Churchill and Joshua Horn
Technical Director – Timothy Kaiser
Theme Music – Gabriel Hudelson

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