Santa Claus: An American Idol? (Ep. 50)

December 19, 2021

It is practically impossible to think about Christmas without thinking about Santa Claus. In secular circles, Santa Claus is widely accepted, but what is more surprising is how accepted Santa Claus is within conservative and even Reformed Christian circles. And it is specifically the practice of telling your children that Santa Claus – the supernatural being who flies around the world distributing presents to good children – is real, that we focus on in this episode. We discuss the nature of worship and idolatry, and how easy it is to think that we are completely different from our ancestors. We talk about how strongly children believe their parents and how this early deception impacts their view of God, the gospel, and God’s sense of justice.. And we talk about how this impacts the church and our ability to be a witness in the world. Please join us in thinking about these things.

Here is a link to a previous episode we did on the subject of lying, titled, “Can You Lie to the Nazis?”:


Listen to the audio version here:
00:00:00 Intro
00:03:25 The Lie
00:21:00 Is this harmless fun
00:30:55 False Gospel
00:52:26 Parents neglect duties

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