Scandals are Good for the Church (Ep. 19)

May 10, 2021

How God works through “scandalous” situations to purify His Church.

The Conquering Truth, Episode 19
Listen to the audio version here:

00:00:00 Intro
00:04:59 The Gospel is a Scandal
00:12:23 All Things for Good
00:17:44 1st Scandals force people to think
00:18:53 2nd Scandals Call People to Repentance
00:26:54 3rd Scandals Stop People Following a Man
00:32:59 4th Scandals Cause Purification Through Persecution
00:44:51 5th Scandals Force a Choice Between God and the World
00:56:51 Covering Up Scandals
01:02:18 Don’t Create Scandals

Production of Reformation Baptist Church of Youngsville, NC
Hosts – Dan Horn, Jonathan Sides, Charles Churchill and Joshua Horn
Technical Director – Timothy Kaiser
Theme Music – Gabriel Hudelson

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