CORRECTION: After publishing this episode it was brought to our attention that we included some incorrect information about the Schofield Bible. We said that the first edition of the Schofield Bible had dates for when prophecies would be fulfilled, that were removed in the second edition because those dates were past. This was mistaken as dates were not included in the Schofield Bible. We apologize for the error, and are removing it from the Youtube version. – Joshua Horn

Most people don’t know the history of dispensationalism. While many are familiar with the name John Nelson Darby and many more are familiar with C. I. Scofield (or at least with the Scofield Bible), very few know much about their lives, their actions,and their involvement with the creation of the doctrine. But it is a story worth knowing. And while a biblical view’s origin isn’t the most important thing to know about it, it should never be dismissed out of hand and should be considered.

Dispensationalism has, in many ways, always been driven by the headlines, as it arose in the wake of the French Revolution, and developed in the emotional and even mystical response to the impact the fall of the French monarchy had upon the world. So, in this episode, we want to look at the origins and history of dispensationalism, how it started, what was going on in the world, and what were the claims made by those who had a hand in founding it. Please join us as we discuss this fascinating historical topic.

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