Should You Donate to the Salvation Army? (Ep. 149)

December 22, 2023

You can’t go anywhere around Christmas without hearing the familiar sound of a Salvation Army volunteer ringing their bell beside the familiar red kettle asking for donations. But how many people know that the Salvation Army is a false church that teaches a false gospel based on works righteousness and who believe that men can become perfect and completely without sin in this life?

In this episode we examine the origins of the Salvation Army and what they still believe today. We also talk about the nature of charity itself and how we’ve gotten used to the idea that a word that means and act of love has been reduced to giving someone else money to do good in our stead. Jesus had a lot to say about love, and he tied it to his law, and to the power of His Holy Spirit. The Salvation Army rejects this, and American culture has followed suit in so many ways. The church of Jesus Christ should be the ones who truly understand how to perform acts of charity. Please join us as we consider this important topic.

Listen to the audio version here:

Thumbnail image by Salvation Army USA West under CC A 3.0

00:00:00 Cult or Heretical?
00:02:18 Glory for God or Men?
00:09:35 Church or Charity?
00:14:07 Army with Men’s Laws
00:20:39 Salvation by Works
00:24:24 Sinless Perfectionism
00:47:59 Women in Leadership
00:49:36 Abolishing the Sacraments
00:57:43 Baptism of the Spirit
01:00:49 Alcohol
01:04:50 Conclusion

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