The Biblical Purpose of Adulthood: Running and Finishing the Race (Ep. 143)

November 10, 2023

In this episode, we finish our discussion about physical and spiritual maturity and how God has designed each stage of life to have a specific purpose. In the last episode we discussed from birth to young adulthood/adolescence and in this episode, we focus on early adulthood, middle age, and being elderly. In early adulthood, we establish our household and our place in the world, in middle age, having established ourselves, we are able to reach out and have an impact beyond our home in the broader world, and in our final stage of life, we focus on establishing the next generation and handing over the responsibilities that we have taken on to those who come behind us.

As in the last episode, we also look at this from a spiritual perspective and consider how in the stages of spiritual maturity those young in the faith grow into adulthood, finding their place in the church body, reaching outside in faithful duty to have a ministry that others can depend upon, and then nurturing, teaching, and committing to those who are the next generation within the church. Please join us as we discuss this often-overlooked topic.

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00:00:00 Young Adulthood
00:07:00 Failure to Mature
00:11:55 Ordering Your Household
00:36:37 Prime of Life
01:29:24 Old Age

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Hosts – Dan Horn, Jonathan Sides, Charles Churchill and Joshua Horn
Technical Director – Timothy Kaiser
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