How Did the Roman Catholic Church Become Apostate? (Ep. 144)

November 17, 2023

In the first thousand years after Christ, the early church gradually transformed into the Roman Catholic church, leaving the Word of God and its holy practices and replacing Christ as the head of the church with a man. While we are certain that most of our listeners are familiar with the Protestant Reformation, where so many of these false doctrines and heresies were turned away from, in this episode, we want to look at a few of the events that caused this situation to come about in the first place, and ask the question: How did the Roman Catholic Church become apostate?

We want to consider three events in particular in this podcast. The broadening of the church at the time of Constantine(313 AD), the establishment of the papacy at the time of Gregory (590 AD) and the adoption of teaching through images by Gregory III (731 AD). While there are many other events that could (and should) be discussed, these three in particular were major steps in the Roman Catholic Church’s fall from grace and each consists of issues that the people of God are facing today, particularly in the American church, but in many ways worldwide.

Listen to the audio version here:

00:00:00 Constantine’s Impact on the Church
00:37:20 Gregory – the First Pope
00:56:49 Shift to Images

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