Should Christians Worry About Human Trafficking? (Ep. 133)

August 18, 2023

Human Trafficking probably isn’t what you think it is. Based on the news and social media, you’ve probably gotten the impression that it is this rapidly increasing phenomeon of children being snatched off the street and from stores, whisked away to some far-off place, and then forced into sexual service. And no one should say that things like that never ever happen. But they are extremely rare. And that’s part of the problem. It’s not that there’s a lack of sin of world. There’s lots and lots of sin. But dealing with sin is incredibly complex. It’s also incredibly messy. The easiest solution, in most cases, is to ignore the sins we don’t want to mess with an focus on something that is most likely to offend the fewest people. And this is what has largely been done with human trafficking.

This was a difficult episode to put together. We should be clear, it’s going to be really easy to misunderstand the point that we are trying to make. Everything about how we’ve been taught to think about very specific types of sin, such as prostitution, drug abuse, why children run away, foster care, etc has been carefully shaped for years to allow the church of Jesus Christ to ignore the reality of sin. Because in almost all cases where human trafficking is going on, the “trafficking” is just a small part of the sin. And unless the church gets serious about the sin in our midst, the sins that we can actually see and touch and speak to, nothing will actually change. The Bible says in I John that Jesus Christ was made manifest that He might destroy the works of the devil. Does the church actually believe this? Please join us as we discuss this vital topic.

Expose of trafficking and fraud from Voice of the Martyrs:

Articles critiquing Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad:

Listen to the audio version here:

00:00:00 Fearmongering
00:08:15 What is Human Trafficking?
00:21:40 Sex Trafficking
00:31:13 Child Sex Trafficking
00:37:45 Foster Care as Trafficking
00:41:40 Forced Labor
00:47:45 Debt Bondage
00:42:50 Domestic Servitude
00:56:00 Forced Child Labor
01:00:50 Child Soldiers
01:03:45 Sound of Freedom

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