Everyone, and we mean absolutely everyone, at some point in their life struggles with worry. Whether it is because of sickness, financial troubles, relationship difficulties, or just the uncertainty that the future may hold, it is so easy to surrender our minds and dwell upon the unpleasant outcomes that are beyond our control. And some of us really do struggle with it constantly. We go from one worried moment to the next, scared, upset, and anxious, and it negatively impacts almost every aspect of our lives. But here’s the question that’s really worth asking: Is worry a sin? And if it is a sin, how do we go about repenting from our worry, and as a necessary part of that repentance, to what should we turn to replace it?

In this episode, we discuss the nature of worry and anxiety. We look at scripture to differentiate between those things we should care about and those things that we should not and we talk about how there is a very real difference between planning and preparing versus worrying and giving in to anxious thoughts. We spend a decent amount of time talking about the mechanics of worry and specifically how to turn away from it. We also discuss how there are different types of sin that can lead to worry, and how worry and work are closely related. Worry is powerful. It can paralyze us and captivate our minds so that we are able to do nothing else, but Jesus Christ came to break the power of sin and to make us profitable servants for him. Please join us as we discuss this topic.

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