Practical Epistemology: How Can Anyone Know Anything? (Ep. 69)

April 30, 2022

Read this question carefully: How do you know that you know what you think you know? That’s the question that epistemology asks in a nutshell. While everyone doesn’t spend the time to stop and think about the it, anyone who claims to know anything is already living out some answer to that question. And we want to make the argument that in this day and age of confusion over practically everything – what is a boy? what is a girl? how early can I murder a baby in the womb and it be good and acceptable in the eyes of the law? – it’s important to at least think about it a little bit. You don’t need to go and read long works of philosophy, and you don’t even need to be particularly intelligent (at least one or two of us on the panel wouldn’t be able to discuss this at all if that was a prerequisite). What is required, is a willingness to read scripture and to think about what it says. No more, no less.

In this episode, we talk about epistemology from a Christian perspective. We discuss how Jesus Christ is the basis for all knowledge and how all knowledge goes back to some form of faith. We then walk through the different methods and means that men try to use to answer the question of where knowledge comes from without acknowledging God as the creator of thought and reason. We then bring the discussion back to the gospel and how this issue ties back to God’s nature and to the nature of the work that Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit are doing in the world.
Please join us as we discuss this important topic.

Why Faith and Reason Can Not Be Separated

XKCD Fundamental forces

Emotion vs Reason

Listen to the audio version here:
00:00:00 How Do We Know What We Know?
00:10:11 God the Basis for Knowledge
00:24:01 What Are the Alternatives
00:44:50 We Can’t Trust Our Senses
00:51:26 Philosophy of Pragmatism
00:55:54 Making it Personal

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