What Did Paul Mean When He Said We Are Not Under the Law? (Ep. 57)

February 5, 2022

It is very common to hear Christians reference Paul’s statement in Romans 6, “you are not under law but under grace” without any context or connection to the overall argument that Paul has been making throughout the book of Romans. And while there is no question that Paul’s statement is absolutely true, it is not a statement that we get to take and interpret however we want. But this is exactly how it has been commonly used, and there has been a great deal of damage and confusion both inside and outside of the church because of it. In this episode, we focus on the relationship between law and grace and try to establish a way of thinking about them both that harmonizes with the teachings of the Old and New Testament. We talk about the difference between the law as the standard of righteousness and the curse of the law, the nature of the Gospel, and how being under grace enables us to see the goodness of God’s law so that we might obey it with joy.


Listen to the audio version here: http://theconqueringtruth.com/2022/02/what-did-paul-mean-when-he-said-we-are-not-under-the-law-ep-57-audio/Timecodes
00:00 What Does Under the Law Mean?
16:13 Child Training
20:02 Heart for Obedience
27:02 How Should We See the Law?
33:50 The Law Defines Love
47:54 Danger of the Law

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