We all know the story of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, and how they celebrated their first year, a year of loss and hardship, by pouring out their hearts in thankful worship to God. But do we really understand the nature of thanksgiving itself (the act of worship, not the holiday)? In this episode, we try to talk about the modern disconnect we seem to have with feeling and expressing gratitude. We’ll talk about how central gratefulness is to Christianity, how being involved in the work of God by laboring for his church and for the brethren enables us to be grateful in a deeper way, and how it is the work of the Holy Spirit in God’s people that causes and enables us to offer our lives to God as a thankful sacrifice.


Production of Reformation Baptist Church of Youngsville, NC
Hosts – Dan Horn, Jonathan Sides, Charles Churchill and Joshua Horn
Technical Director – Timothy Kaiser
Theme Music – Gabriel Hudelson

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