How VOM Funded & Covered Up Child Abuse (VOM Scandal Part 1)

March 16, 2021

How our church discovered Voice of the Martyrs funding of child abuse in Nigeria, and how VOM lied to victims and worked to cover up wrong doing.

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Listen to the audio version here:

00:00:00 Summary of Situation
00:14:57 Why Current VOM USA Leadeship is Responsible
00:23:50 Deceptive Accounting Practices
00:27:00 Need for an Independent Investigation
00:32:00 VOM USA Knowledge of the Stephens Center
00:36:22 Problematic Definition of Martyr
00:38:43 Trying to Report in Nigeria
00:42:01 VOM USA Refuses to Investigate
00:46:41 ECFA’s Failure
00:47:54 VOM’s Lies to Victims
00:49:32 Raising Money on Lies
00:51:35 VOM Funding Isaac After Video Releasing
00:54:15 Can VOM Be Held Accountable?
00:58:18 Retaliation Against Witnesses

Summary Video – Erik Woodard & Marshall Video
Technical Director – Timothy Kaiser
Theme Music – Gabriel Hudelson

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